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About the Position
The Assembly Runner Assistant keeps assembly moving. We pack our vinyl records in a custom designed series of assembly lanes we had built for slinging vinyl. If you work as the assembly runner for long enough, the melodic jingle of bins of records rolling down lanes is something you’ll hear in your sleep. It sounds like productivity and kicking ass.

For them to make their music, the lanes need to be stocked with product, consistently and correctly. That’s where you come in.

Some things you’ll do in this position (aka responsibilities):

  • Keep assembly stations stocked (this means lifting heavy things, often many times in a day)
  • Keep assembly 100% accurate 100% of the time: QC it, train assembly workers on it, QC it again
  • Track and enforce production speed goals
  • Setup and teardown jobs in assembly room
  • Follow instructions, follow schedules, keep assembly aligned with both
  • Maintain and improve assembly spaces for safety, efficiency, and LEAN
  • Fluency in Vietnamese a plus

Some things you’ll need in this position (aka requirements):

  • The ability to push, pull and carry up to 50 lbs
  • The ability to operate a PC, hand truck and pallet jack

About you:

  • Learn fast
  • Think fast
  • Notice details
  • Organized
  • Can do basic math
  • Understand urgency (this is key)
  • Good communicator
  • Like being part of a team who works hard, and respects their work and each other

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