Sarah Snyder | Lead Press Operator at Gotta Groove Records

Sarah is a lead press operator at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Her job is to oversee production by helping a crew run and maintain each of their 7" presses, handling the influx of various parts for each job, and delegating tasks in order to get as much done as… Continue reading Sarah Snyder | Lead Press Operator at Gotta Groove Records

Amanda McCabe | Audio Archives & Preservation

I met Amanda through her brother who I've worked with in a couple of different educational settings.  He kept telling me, you've got to meet my sister, and he wasn't kidding. Amanda and I were vinyl sisters the moment we started talking and there are few people as sweet as she is. Amanda is a… Continue reading Amanda McCabe | Audio Archives & Preservation

Kate Koeppel | Koeppel Design

I decided to kick off this blog by interviewing Kate of Koeppel Design.  She was sort of the nudge I needed in getting this started after we connected over a ridiculous 1950's meme suggesting women don't care about the nerdier side of vinyl collecting.  Her dividers are not only timeless and perfectly crafted, but as… Continue reading Kate Koeppel | Koeppel Design