Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

If you missed it last weekend, Women in Vinyl partnered with SoundGirls for a webinar on 'Career Paths in the Vinyl Industry'.  Our first but definitely not last foray into the webinar world.  If you aren't familiar with SoundGirls they are a professional advocacy organization aiming to empower women working in audio and music production,… Continue reading Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

Alison Wressell | Owner, Vintage & Vinyl

This weekend I'm pleased to introduce you to Alison Wressell owner Vintage & Vinyl a Record and Wine shop in Folkestone on the south coast of England. Vintage & Vinyl sells new and used vinyl, and although the shop is small in size it is stocked with a large selection of indie, alternative, rock, electronic,… Continue reading Alison Wressell | Owner, Vintage & Vinyl

DJ Nico | DJ, Former Show Producer and Graphic Designer

This week meet DJ Nico, from Toronto, Canada.  She hosts a monthly club residency at The Piston Bar called With It, which is in its seventh year!  She spins 60s mod, soul, R&B, R&R, northern soul, funk, surf, pop & more!  She is also a former show producer / host on CIUT 89.5FM. DJing is her passion… Continue reading DJ Nico | DJ, Former Show Producer and Graphic Designer

Brittany Benton – DJ Red-I | Owner Brittany’s Record Shop and DJ – Producer

Meet Brittany Benton, a DJ and producer as DJ Red-I as well as owner of Brittany's Record Shop; an independent record store specializing in hip-hop, reggae and soul out of Cleveland, Ohio.  Brittany and I connected through social media, and I love seeing all she is doing for her local vinyl / music community. In her free… Continue reading Brittany Benton – DJ Red-I | Owner Brittany’s Record Shop and DJ – Producer

Lauren Winton | Co-Owner, Bladud Flies!

This week meet Lauren who is the co-owner of Bladud Flies!, an independent UK record micro-label and lathe cutting service offering other music related services - design and mastering. I was looking forward to introducing Lauren because she has a background in fine art / design and uses that daily in her work with music.  I've… Continue reading Lauren Winton | Co-Owner, Bladud Flies!