12" Women in Vinyl Animated Spooky Slipmat by Drew Tetz

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Celebrate spooky season all year with Women in Vinyl! With these amazing zoetrope designs by Drew Tetz your turntable set up will be as much a talking point as the records you're playing on it. These sublimation printed slipmats are glow in the dark, but soft printed to leave the scratching up to you and your needle and not the mat.

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Note: Use code SPINDERELLA when you buy two, to get a dollar off each mat.


16oz Non-glazed Bottom

Professional Grade

100% polyester felt

Dimensions: 11.75″

Diameter Thickness: .0625 (1/16″)

Printing: There is no hand feel to the print on the surface, the colors will keep vibrant and not fade. They are also glow in the dark.

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