Vinyl Priestess Tee (Unisex)

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At Women in Vinyl we love spooky season, this year's spooky drop is none other than the High Vinyl Priestess for the occasion. After all the future of vinyl is in the cards, so we've created a new Major Arcana card!

Depiction: The Vinyl Priestess is the female presence of the divine. She wears black robes and sits holding a 45 adapter scepter in one hand and a 45 in the other, a representation of her solo power to forge her way in the industry no matter who stands in her way. Her crown, represents her dominance over the lunar vinyl record shining above her.

Meaning: Vinyl Priestess is a card of mystery, stillness and strength. This card suggests that it is time to forge forward, blazing new trails, taking any situation and trusting your inner instincts to guide you through it. Things around you may not be as equal as they should be, but tenacity will win overall.

Upright card (keywords): Opportunity, Equality, Innovation, and Drive

*Note that this is limited edition and won't be printed this way again.

This is a unisex, soft style Gildan 64000 t-shirt for sizes S-L with large front metallic gold printing. Sizes XL-2XL by request are Comfort Colors with the same large front metallic gold printing.

Proceeds of every purchase go to making Women in Vinyl a non profit and to future generations of vinyl nerds.

Material: Soft 100% Ringspun Cotton
Color: Black
Ink: Metallic Gold screen-print with a soft print finish

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