Lisa Fancher | Owner, Frontier Records

Meet Lisa Fancher, the sole owner of Frontier Records, an independent record label started in 1980 releasing records by Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Redd Kross, Christian Death, and more.  I was lucky to get introduced to Lisa through another client and she truly is such a pleasure to work with.  Not only is she an inspiration with… Continue reading Lisa Fancher | Owner, Frontier Records

Emma Reiter | Production Manager, Furnace Record Pressing

This week meet my colleague and friend Emma Reiter, Production Manager at Furnace Record Pressing.  I know it may seem odd to not have had someone from Furnace featured already, but with Emma on board the time was right.  She manages our customer service team, schedules manufacturing, and handles most of our vendor relationships. My… Continue reading Emma Reiter | Production Manager, Furnace Record Pressing

Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Meet Lenise Bent, a recording engineer, producer, Foley mixer/editor, foreign dubbing supervisor, archivist, audio repair and  preservationist, consultant, and educator.  Yeah, literally all of those things.  I was introduced to Lenise by Jett, and I'm honored to be able to use Women in Vinyl to share her story with you this week. The little free… Continue reading Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

I'm excited to finally introduce Robyn Raymond of Red Spade Records to those of you who may not know her.  I say finally because she was actually one of the first women I'd been in touch to profile when I started the site, but things were sort of in flux for her.  Over time I'd… Continue reading Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

Brianna Orozco | Lead Press Operator, Memphis Record Pressing

I've only been to Memphis once even though I lived in Nashville, and I loved it there!  So much history and the STAX museum was an experience I'll never forget.  That said at the time I had no idea about what Memphis Record Pressing (MRP) was up to, and since then they've seemed to explode… Continue reading Brianna Orozco | Lead Press Operator, Memphis Record Pressing