Maggie Denman | Boneset Records

Reminder to all you women owned and run shops out there, reach out!  That's how we met the awesome Maggie Denman who runs the independent record store Boneset Records in Madison, WI. Boneset carries vinyl, vintage clothing, tapes, VHS, CD's, DVD's and various items from small artists.  We're looking forward to seeing how the shop… Continue reading Maggie Denman | Boneset Records

Angie Roloff | Strictly Discs

Meet Angie Roloff, co-owner or one half of the mom & pop record store Strictly Discs  launched in 1988 and located in Madison, Wisconsin.  She manages the physical brick and mortar location, new & used buying and all their staff. I recently watched the movie Record Safari, a film by Life is My Movie on Alex Rodriguez and… Continue reading Angie Roloff | Strictly Discs