Cass Beau | Audio Engineer

Meet Cass Beau, audio engineer, songwriter and producer, who works across many different genres and styles. Their favorite part of the process is getting to write songs, and then helping with the production and mix to get the song to its finished state. November is trans awareness month and we're honored and inspired in sharing… Continue reading Cass Beau | Audio Engineer

M. Sylvia | Vinyl DJ, and Producer

We have a huge respect for DJs in the Women in Vinyl community.  Like a record store, DJs are a huge part in musical exploration and can also really set the mood.  Instead of Shazam they're a real person you can go and ask what was playing, and learn more about that artist. They have… Continue reading M. Sylvia | Vinyl DJ, and Producer

Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

If you missed it last weekend, Women in Vinyl partnered with SoundGirls for a webinar on 'Career Paths in the Vinyl Industry'.  Our first but definitely not last foray into the webinar world.  If you aren't familiar with SoundGirls they are a professional advocacy organization aiming to empower women working in audio and music production,… Continue reading Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Meet Lenise Bent, a recording engineer, producer, Foley mixer/editor, foreign dubbing supervisor, archivist, audio repair and  preservationist, consultant, and educator.  Yeah, literally all of those things.  I was introduced to Lenise by Jett, and I'm honored to be able to use Women in Vinyl to share her story with you this week. The little free… Continue reading Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer