Eugeny Yunis | Co-Owner TLB Records and part of Los Rulos Vinyl Club

Welcome Eugeny Yunis a Bogotá, Colombia resident for the past 16 years. She co-owns and runs a record store with her boyfriend called Three Little Birds (or TLB Records to locals) and is our first introduction to two vinyl collectives, Los Rulos Vinyl Club comprised of all female DJs and incorporating all music genres which… Continue reading Eugeny Yunis | Co-Owner TLB Records and part of Los Rulos Vinyl Club

Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Meet Lenise Bent, a recording engineer, producer, Foley mixer/editor, foreign dubbing supervisor, archivist, audio repair and  preservationist, consultant, and educator.  Yeah, literally all of those things.  I was introduced to Lenise by Jett, and I'm honored to be able to use Women in Vinyl to share her story with you this week. The little free… Continue reading Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

I'm excited to finally introduce Robyn Raymond of Red Spade Records to those of you who may not know her.  I say finally because she was actually one of the first women I'd been in touch to profile when I started the site, but things were sort of in flux for her.  Over time I'd… Continue reading Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

Becca Peterson | Owner, Score! Records

This week we take a trip to another record store, this one run by Becca Peterson out of Alton, IL Score! Records.  At 21 years old she opened a successful shop which her "community has graciously accepted".  When we connected on social media and I saw her story, I was happy to share more about what… Continue reading Becca Peterson | Owner, Score! Records

Jessi Zilka| Owner, Jesse Carl Vinyl

I was able to connect with Jessi through social media, and loved the story about how her community embraced her passion for vinyl and she ended up opening her shop. She is the owner and operator of Jesse Carl Vinyl located in the heart of downtown Lakeland, Florida. My goal as a record store owner… Continue reading Jessi Zilka| Owner, Jesse Carl Vinyl