Elizabeth Varvaro | Production, Bonsound

I was fortunate to get a few minutes to meet Elizabeth Varvaro during the virtual Making Vinyl conference this year. Elizabeth handles production for Bonsound an artist management company, record label, booking agency, concert promoter and a promotion & publicity agency founded in 2004 and based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. When she isn't at work… Continue reading Elizabeth Varvaro | Production, Bonsound

Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Jennie in front of her and husband Flo's collection Meet Jennie Zakrzewski who starts by saying, "I won’t be pissed if you don’t even attempt to pronounce my last name" a sentiment I understand. Jennie wears a lot of hats as it relates to music and vinyl and someone to definitely keep an eye on.… Continue reading Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Jessa Graves | Founder of Illumin Records

Jessa (right) and her mom Annie (left) at the 1994 Illumin Record Release Party I'm happy to be able to introduce you to Jessa Graves, founder of Illumin Records, a record label that's goal is to lighting the path for women in music, using a disruptive roadmap, a defiant rejection of the status quo, while… Continue reading Jessa Graves | Founder of Illumin Records

Beck Rustic | Owner, Swelltune Records

This weekend meet Beck Rustic, owner of Swelltune Records. Her focus is on roots music / rockabilly and midcentury rock 'n' roll on vinyl, with the occasional cd release. She also runs a music festival called The New England Shake-Up, which is three days of bands,  record hops, music seminars and more in Framingham, Massachusetts.  In her free… Continue reading Beck Rustic | Owner, Swelltune Records

Jacqui Biery | Co-Owner, Slow Down Sounds

This weekend meet Jacqui Biery co-owner of the record label Slow Down Sounds. Their mission is: "...we believe sound matters and we're after creating the best sounding, most aesthetic vinyl pressings that exist today. By no means are we an audiophile label, but we hand over the masters to the legendary Kevin Gray who creates the best sounding vinyl… Continue reading Jacqui Biery | Co-Owner, Slow Down Sounds