Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

If you missed it last weekend, Women in Vinyl partnered with SoundGirls for a webinar on 'Career Paths in the Vinyl Industry'.  Our first but definitely not last foray into the webinar world.  If you aren't familiar with SoundGirls they are a professional advocacy organization aiming to empower women working in audio and music production,… Continue reading Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Meet Lenise Bent, a recording engineer, producer, Foley mixer/editor, foreign dubbing supervisor, archivist, audio repair and  preservationist, consultant, and educator.  Yeah, literally all of those things.  I was introduced to Lenise by Jett, and I'm honored to be able to use Women in Vinyl to share her story with you this week. The little free… Continue reading Lenise Bent | Recording Engineer & Producer

Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

I'm excited to finally introduce Robyn Raymond of Red Spade Records to those of you who may not know her.  I say finally because she was actually one of the first women I'd been in touch to profile when I started the site, but things were sort of in flux for her.  Over time I'd… Continue reading Robyn Raymond | Red Spade Records

Anouk Rijnders | Sales Manager at Record Industry

I met Anouk through my job at Furnace Record Pressing, and when I started this blog she immediately came to mind.  She wears many hats but her official title is the 'sales manager' at Record Industry in the Netherlands.  When she's not answering emails, problem solving, or helping to set up a recording studio she loves… Continue reading Anouk Rijnders | Sales Manager at Record Industry

Sarah Snyder | Lead Press Operator at Gotta Groove Records

Sarah is a lead press operator at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Her job is to oversee production by helping a crew run and maintain each of their 7" presses, handling the influx of various parts for each job, and delegating tasks in order to get as much done as… Continue reading Sarah Snyder | Lead Press Operator at Gotta Groove Records