Annelise Kopp | Harvest Records & DJ Lil Meow Meow

I love being able to start a new year introducing you to someone like Annelise Kopp. As marketing manager at Harvest Records by day, and an independent DJ for the past five years known as Lil Meow Meow by night, she is bringing vinyl to the masses in more ways than one. She's talented, has… Continue reading Annelise Kopp | Harvest Records & DJ Lil Meow Meow

Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Jennie in front of her and husband Flo's collection Meet Jennie Zakrzewski who starts by saying, "I won’t be pissed if you don’t even attempt to pronounce my last name" a sentiment I understand. Jennie wears a lot of hats as it relates to music and vinyl and someone to definitely keep an eye on.… Continue reading Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Amy Kesting | Co-Owner, Spoonful Records

Today is the second of the 2020 Record Store Day drops, so no better day to highlight a small business owner, Amy the co-owner of Spoonful Records in Columbus Ohio. Brett and Amy met at the Columbus Museum of Art and opened the store in 2010. Amy's role is as the used collections buyer &… Continue reading Amy Kesting | Co-Owner, Spoonful Records

Katie Scott & Bayleigh Cheek | Red Zeppelin Records

Katie Scott, Owner (right)Bayleigh Cheek, Manager (left) A few months ago this bright fun logo started showing up in my Instagram suggested posts, tied to great photos and content. After clicking over I found out Red Zeppelin Records based in McKinney Texas is female run and owned, a definite 'follow'. So, this weekend I'm looking… Continue reading Katie Scott & Bayleigh Cheek | Red Zeppelin Records

Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

If you missed it last weekend, Women in Vinyl partnered with SoundGirls for a webinar on 'Career Paths in the Vinyl Industry'.  Our first but definitely not last foray into the webinar world.  If you aren't familiar with SoundGirls they are a professional advocacy organization aiming to empower women working in audio and music production,… Continue reading Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar