Natalie Martinez | Store Manager, Radio-Active Records

Meet Natalie Martinez a musician, and the shop manager at Fort Lauderdale's community record store staple Radio Active Records where she's worked for over 10 years this month!  Most people know Natalie as Nat Smallish, her stage and nick name she's carried with her throughout the years since high school.  She mainly plays bass but… Continue reading Natalie Martinez | Store Manager, Radio-Active Records

Kate Siamro | Spinster Records

Meet Kate Siamro the 'Chatty Canadian' of Spinster Records in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas. I came across her fun posts on social media for the shop and knew I had to chat with her.  Her responses and energy come through in the interview as well. In her free time she loves playing… Continue reading Kate Siamro | Spinster Records

Blake Nolen | Co-Owner Indy Record Shop

Meet Blake, she's the co-owner of Indy Record Shop an independent, mail-order record shop located in Tampa, Florida.  They sell both new sealed releases and represses as well as used vinyl.  To shop here, you should also love dogs, but then who doesn't?!  Blake is a mom to a toddler whose name is Hendrix, as well as… Continue reading Blake Nolen | Co-Owner Indy Record Shop

Becca Peterson | Owner, Score! Records

This week we take a trip to another record store, this one run by Becca Peterson out of Alton, IL Score! Records.  At 21 years old she opened a successful shop which her "community has graciously accepted".  When we connected on social media and I saw her story, I was happy to share more about what… Continue reading Becca Peterson | Owner, Score! Records

Arielle Stevenson, Owner| Hello Darlin’ Records

On this long weekend where so many are on the road I'm looking forward to introducing you to Arielle Stevenson the owner and operator of Hello Darlin' Records, a mobile record shop and DJ booth out of  her 1972 Volkswagen bus.  I met Arielle through social media and was immediately interested in her shop.  I… Continue reading Arielle Stevenson, Owner| Hello Darlin’ Records