Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Jennie in front of her and husband Flo's collection Meet Jennie Zakrzewski who starts by saying, "I won’t be pissed if you don’t even attempt to pronounce my last name" a sentiment I understand. Jennie wears a lot of hats as it relates to music and vinyl and someone to definitely keep an eye on.… Continue reading Jennie Zakrzewski | Co-Owner, Specific Recordings

Jessa Graves | Founder of Illumin Records

Jessa (right) and her mom Annie (left) at the 1994 Illumin Record Release Party I'm happy to be able to introduce you to Jessa Graves, founder of Illumin Records, a record label that's goal is to lighting the path for women in music, using a disruptive roadmap, a defiant rejection of the status quo, while… Continue reading Jessa Graves | Founder of Illumin Records