Emily Nobumoto | Director of Operations, Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

Meet Emily Nobumoto, the talented and passionate Director of Operations at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings; a niche record label in Brooklyn NY that has an exclusive focus on late cut vinyl releases.  The label holds Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions which are live performances at the studio, mixed & mastered on the fly, and cut directly to… Continue reading Emily Nobumoto | Director of Operations, Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

Beck Rustic | Owner, Swelltune Records

This weekend meet Beck Rustic, owner of Swelltune Records. Her focus is on roots music / rockabilly and midcentury rock 'n' roll on vinyl, with the occasional cd release. She also runs a music festival called The New England Shake-Up, which is three days of bands,  record hops, music seminars and more in Framingham, Massachusetts.  In her free… Continue reading Beck Rustic | Owner, Swelltune Records

Jacqui Biery | Co-Owner, Slow Down Sounds

This weekend meet Jacqui Biery co-owner of the record label Slow Down Sounds. Their mission is: "...we believe sound matters and we're after creating the best sounding, most aesthetic vinyl pressings that exist today. By no means are we an audiophile label, but we hand over the masters to the legendary Kevin Gray who creates the best sounding vinyl… Continue reading Jacqui Biery | Co-Owner, Slow Down Sounds

Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

If you missed it last weekend, Women in Vinyl partnered with SoundGirls for a webinar on 'Career Paths in the Vinyl Industry'.  Our first but definitely not last foray into the webinar world.  If you aren't familiar with SoundGirls they are a professional advocacy organization aiming to empower women working in audio and music production,… Continue reading Women in Vinyl + SoundGirls Webinar

Arielle Stevenson, Owner| Hello Darlin’ Records

On this long weekend where so many are on the road I'm looking forward to introducing you to Arielle Stevenson the owner and operator of Hello Darlin' Records, a mobile record shop and DJ booth out of  her 1972 Volkswagen bus.  I met Arielle through social media and was immediately interested in her shop.  I… Continue reading Arielle Stevenson, Owner| Hello Darlin’ Records