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WOMEN IN VINYL 'The Art of Making Vinyl'

Women in Vinyl: The Art of Making Vinyl provides a comprehensive guide to the world of vinyl, with a focus on empowerment, diversity, and inclusion, designed to both demystify the vinyl community and highlight the vital role women and minority groups play in shaping the industry.

Divided into each step of the process, the book provides a detailed overview of the vinyl manufacturing process, from lacquer cutting, electroplating, and record pressing, to the roles of record labels, distribution, DJs, and more. With interviews and profiles from global professionals throughout, the book is a first-of-its-kind guide to the vinyl industry and the women who are blazing trails within it.

Women in Vinyl is an essential resource for professionals, hobbyists, and students interested in the process of making vinyl, including those who want to deepen their understanding of the vinyl medium and its role in shaping the music industry, as well as for those interested in the work of the organization Women in Vinyl.


'Women in Vinyl is an essential resource for anyone desiring to work in the vinyl industry, pushing outside the stereotypical record collector to showcase role models working in the field. It also provides education around physical media, something rarely taught in traditional school settings. Anyone wishing to learn more about the inner workings of this industry will find this to be their "go-to" starting point!’

Rain Phoenix, Performing Artist/LaunchLeft founder

‘You’d think that I would have a pretty good understanding of how that PVC groove makes its way to the turntable. After all, I’ve had pretty close to a 24/7 relationship with it most of my life: I hotly debated matrix messages; I cut, glued and stuffed 7" Minor Threat sleeves in my basement; I lugged countless 30 count boxes of 12 inchers. Turns out I knew very little. Thankfully, this great read not only explains everything about vinyl, it is a righteous and joyous celebration of the dedicated women who have been and will keep on mastering, cutting, pressing and delivering those sublime sonic platters!’

Lyle Preslar, Minor Threat

'If you are thinking about a career in the vinyl record industry, or want to learn more about the processes that go into manufacturing those records that we love, then this book is a great resource for you. Women in Vinyl showcases ground-breaking women and explores how they got into this exciting field. These educational chapters and collections of interviews will be an invaluable read for those searching for insight into this field.’

Jim Eno, Spoon

‘Women in Vinyl does an important service to the music industry by naming and spotlighting the stories of female professionals in the vinyl manufacturing sector. The book creates awareness as well as showing that everyone's journey in the music business is unique. A great resource and a fun read!’

Portia Sabin, President, Music Business Association