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Electroplating / electroforming is an essential step in the vinyl record manufacturing process; it creates the metal stampers used to press vinyl records. This process requires a combination of science, technical expertise, chemicals, and specialized equipment. This process occurs by electrochemically depositing nickel onto the master, creating a precise and uniform layer of metal. A complex process, proper electroplating ensures that the stamper is clean and accurate, so that the final vinyl record is free of defects to be enjoyed for years and represses to come.  Watch these videos and download our PDF guide for the electroplating for vinyl process.

Thank you to our friends at Stamper Discs for allowing us to house these videos of the fascinating science involved in taking a single lathe-cut lacquer to a mass-production stamper.  Stamper Discs' short films give a behind the scenes looks at one of the most overlooked aspects of the vinyl record manufacturing process. These films give a rare insight into; the electroforming process that creates the stamper, an overview of the strict quality control and troubleshooting processes in play. All three films are beautifully shot by Bristol based cinematographer Max Smith who’s recent work includes landmark wildlife productions for both the BBC and National Geographic.