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Episode 41 - Industry Insider - Making Vinyl

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We are just back from our industry conference ‘Making Vinyl’ hosted this year in Minneapolis. The conference is a time for us industry folks to discuss, innovate, commiserate and celebrate these slabs of wax we all love. That said, we wanted to give you, our listeners, a chance to hear it from the source and opened our mic to attendees. You asked the questions, and we've got some answers! Thank you to Making Vinyl, for allowing us to set up shop, and to everyone that jumped on the mic from Precision Record Pressing, Furnace Record Pressing, and Black Belt Mastering, to Materia Collective, Welcome to 1979 and more. Find more at Making Vinyl: https://makingvinyl.com/ - and follow along to see how you can potentially win a ticket to attend next year. Huge thanks to pop artist Chayla Hope for the use of her song ‘Love in Lofi’ off her album Damn, Feelings now out on Wax Mage Records. Find this and more at: https://www.chaylahope.com/ THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS! The ones that make your vinyl needs even more accessible with so many great codes and resources. Other Record Labels - Who’ve gifted our listeners - you! - a 25% code in their store for the myriad of resources compiled there using the code WIVFRIENDS at checkout! https://www.otherrecordlabels.com/store Selektor Record Bags - Our new favorite record bag: https://www.theselektor.com/us/ https://koeppeldesign.com/(pronounced Kep-ul) - Sleek and sophisticated, handmade record collection organization! Get $10 off your first order of $75 using the code WOMENINVINYL at checkout! https://koeppeldesign.com/ https://eargasm.com/ - High fidelity ear plugs! keep your hearing protected in style! Eargasm has a great deal for you with 10% off your order using, you guessed it, discount code: WOMENINVINYL at checkout. http://www.eargasm.com/ https://www.glowtronics-store.com/ - Custom slip mats - you already love the WIV branded slipmat, but think, you can make your own! Get 15% off using the code: WOMENINVINYL15 at https://www.glowtronics-store.com/ Nugen Audio - Innovative, intuitive, award-winning professional audio plugins and software for all your creative music producing and sound design needs! Use code WOMENINVINYL for 20% off at check out: https://nugenaudio.com/womeninvinyl/ Vinyl Revolution Record Show - Attend one of the longest running record shows out there. 55 dealer tables filled with vendors from all over the east coast and tons of rare and collectible vinyl records! Find more at: https://www.instagram.com/vinylrevolutionrecordshow/ Want to be a sponsor too? Email us: https://womeninvinyl.com As always, join the conversation on Instagram or send us a note at: [email protected] Check out http://www.womeninvinyl.com/ for past episodes, the store, job board, and the growing library of resources! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and give us a review on your favorite podcast delivery method! You can also contribute to furthering our mission at https://www.patreon.com/womeninvinylWhere you’ll find all of the B-Sides, Deep Cuts and amazing extras, including longer episodes and contribute to the creation of scholarships and educational opportunities to further the demystification and infiltration of more Women and Non-Binary identifying humans into the Vinyl Making Space!