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Episode 47 - The Vinyl Tea with Jenn and Robyn

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Happy new year and welcome back to the Women in Vinyl Podcast! New year, new full episode, and in this one you’ll join Jenn and Robyn as we spill the tea about some overarching topics that arose at the end of the year from vinyl prices, to an oversaturated market and the upheaval over Luminate’s reporting. We also talk about some exciting things coming up, where we hope to have an opportunity to see and hear from you more. Don’t miss it! Check out: - Goldmine Article: https://www.goldminemag.com/news/new-record-store-vinyl-sales-chart-announced - Future of Vinyl Magnetic Mag:https://www.routledge.com/https://www.magneticmag.com/2024/01/the-future-of-vinyl/ Big thank you to NYC alt pop artist Rachael Sage, for the use of her song ‘Whistle Blow’ off her new album ‘The Other Side’. Rachel has toured with the likes of Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan and more. You can find the vinyl copy of ‘The Other Side’ and more at: https://rachaelsage.bandcamp.com/album/the-other-side THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS! The ones that make your vinyl needs even more accessible with so many great codes and resources. https://www.otherrecordlabels.com/store, https://koeppeldesign.com/, https://eargasm.com/, https://www.glowtronics-store.com/, https://nugenaudio.com/womeninvinyl/ https://www.instagram.com/vinylrevolutionrecordshow/. Want to be a sponsor? Email us: https://womeninvinyl.com/ As always, join the conversation on Instagram or send us a note at: [email protected] Check out http://www.womeninvinyl.com/ for past episodes, the store, job board, and the growing library of resources! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and give us a review on your favorite podcast delivery method! You can also contribute to furthering our mission at https://www.patreon.com/womeninvinyl where you’ll find all of the B-Sides, Deep Cuts and amazing extras, including longer episodes and contribute to the creation of scholarships and educational opportunities to further the demystification and infiltration of more Women and Non-Binary identifying humans into the Vinyl Making Space!