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Episode 48 - Forever a Music Store, the Coalition with Nina Smith

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On this Valentine’s Day edition of the Women in Vinyl Podcast, we’re celebrating Black History Month and the thing we love most records. We are fortunate to be joined by the incredible Nina Smith, liason for the F.A.M.S Coalition (Forever a Music Store). Nina tells us about how FAMS is supporting and nurturing Black entrepreneurs in opening new record stores, sustaining Black owned record stores and giving back to the communities around those stores with their unique and socially conscious campaigns and programs. We want to shine a light on FAMS and the amazing work they are doing. Follow, share, and support your local record store. Check out: FAMS: https://famscoalition.com/ On social media: https://www.instagram.com/famscoalition Find member stores here: https://famscoalition.com/Stores Huge thank you to returning musical guest Witch Profit, recently nominated as a Rising Leader for Women in Music Canada. Her operatic soul and alternative R&B sounds have been remixed for lovers of house, dance, and jungle with her newest release ‘Gateway Experience [CLUB MIX]’. A five track remix EP of her 2023 Polaris Music Prize album ‘https://daily.bandcamp.com/album-of-the-day/witch-prophet-gateway-experience-review. 'Gateway Experience [CLUB MIX]’ releases Friday February 16th via https://www.heartlakerecords.ca/ THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS! Keep your records clean and sounding great with GrooveWasher. Use WomenInVinyl10 at check out: http://www.groovewasher.com Commercial-Free & High Resolution version of this podcast, along with membership options and ton of other discount codes available at: https://www.patreon.com/womeninvinyl You can also contribute to furthering our mission by donating http://www.womeninvinyl.com/ as a 501(c)3 all donations are tax deductible. Visit the website to check out past episodes, features, and our ever growing library of resources to further the education, demystification and diversification of the Vinyl Making Space. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and give us a review on your favorite podcast delivery method! Want to be a sponsor or just get in touch? Email us: https://womeninvinyl.com/