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Claudia Mendiola-Durán | Owner, Sonidos! Music & More

We recently shared a list of women owned record stores, and thankfully another local record store told us about the gem that is Sonidos! Music & More in Beltsville, Maryland.  Meet Claudia Mendiola-Durán founder of Sonidos! which opened in 2019 on her love and passion for music and its ability to bring people together. ​

Her resume includes the likes of Tower Records, and Joe’s Record Paradise before taking the next step of going into business for herself.  Her mission at Sonidos! is to bring back the Music-Store-As-A-Community ethos and to serve as a reminder of how discovering and buying music is meant to be a social affair; one where people from all walks of life can come together and connect through the power of music.  

In her free time, she likes to unwind doing ‘nature stuff’ like hiking and kayaking. When she can’t get our in nature she explores her city, visiting museums, and finding new restaurants. “I also really, REALLY, miss karaoke. Like, a lot.” 

How did you get into your industry / What motivated you?

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