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Dana Wickwire| Project Manager at Drastic Plastic Records

I’m so glad to have Dana as a part of the blog, I’ve been lucky enough to work with her on a couple projects and immediately I knew we’d get along.  Like a couple others, including myself, she’s former art school kid who found her way into a vinyl workplace.  She’s got a love for vintage clothes, trucks and a great taste in music.  In her free time:

I collect and sell vintage clothing on the side. My favorite eras are the 1940s and 1950s because of the immaculate detailing and tailoring that modern clothing does not live up to. I also have a 1954 Chevy pick up that me and my boyfriend are working on. If I wasn’t busy enough I have picked my camera back up and started shooting film again. Gotta do something with that photography degree!

How did you get into your industry / What motivated you?

This opportunity came at a time where I was facing a crossroads in my life and it lined up perfectly. I had ran my father’s construction business for about 10 years, he wanted to retire so had sold the business and I took this as a chance to do venture out and start new.

What is a day in the life like?

I usually start the day at my desk answering emails and sending in any orders I get from my distributors. When I am working on a new reissue I’m proofreading all of the artwork, researching and writing the front sticker, and arranging every last detail with the labels and manufacturers to ensure we put out a fantastic product.

Additionally, I help supervise operations for our two retail stores, our rock n’ roll boutique Drastic Plastic Clothing, and our record store Drastic Plastic Underground. I also assist the owners with any projects or tasks they want completed. You can find me anywhere doing anything on any given day of the week!

What has been your favorite / the coolest thing you’ve worked on?

Some of my favorite projects have been reissuing albums that have never been released on vinyl before like The Muffs Self Titled debut. Or Manic Street Preachers ‘Generation Terrorists’ we reissued as the original UK track listing which had never been released in the US until now. It’s been really gratifying being able to work on and release these historically significant albums and bring them back for people to enjoy.  

What has been / is the most difficult part of your job?

Keeping the costs down without having to cut the quality of the finished product. We put a lot of effort and thought into our reissues and we want to put out the best product available at an affordable and competitive price.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into pursuing what you’re doing?

I’d say do all the research you can, learn the process, learn the business and don’t be afraid to network.

I do collect vinyl! I’m not a serious collector but I’ve been buying vinyl for about 8 years now. I’ve always enjoyed the analog much more than the digital and it’s nice to have that small library of albums as a presence in your house.

What types of things are happening in your industry / with vinyl that you’re excited or worried about? i.e. innovation, or trends you’re seeing.

I’m excited that the community of vinyl listeners is expanding on a local level, you can bring your vinyl to spin in some bars in Omaha or you can even become a member at Hifi House where they an expansive library you can listen to and they host amazing listening parties and artist talks.

What are you listening to right now?

I have grown a deep admiration for everything Shannon Shaw, I already loved Shannon and the Clams but her solo album Shannon in Nashville is amazing too!

Find Dana:

Instagram: @drasticplasticrecords

Facebook:  Drastic Plastic Records

Website: drasticplasticrecords.com

Also, check out her vintage store @pinsnneedlesvintage which I’m going to shout out for her even though she didn’t submit it.

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